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Standard and custom production of modular storage systems

MASINA Engineering is a producer of modular and storage solutions for industrial usage.
We can provide a range of metal racks with different, organized and modular compartments inside storage can be made carefully of textile material sewing by our partners, storage metal racks and plates or storage on rolls of boxes (Dynamic Rack), drawers, storage with cross bar or tube for hang parts, even storage solution with tubes or cross bars with foam for sensitive parts like electronics component.

Our products are available on standard configuration but also on demand. We can easily design and make new products (modular and storage solutions) accordance with our customers specifications "made to measure".

Our storage systems are user friendly allowing customers to assembly/ disassembly, interconnect or move them very fast helping to improve the production.

Main targeted sectors are automotive (storage for plastics parts, storage for metal parts, storage for filters), electronics (even electricity cable) and storage solutions for sensitive parts and automatization, medical and pharma, textile industry (storage for thread cones, storage for raw material after cutting section according to patterns), but we can adapt our products to any industrial or machinery.

Here are some examples of industrial storage and storage systems:

1. Organization solution and storage in textile

2.Storage system with shelves and metal plates

3.Storage solution for hanging parts with crossbars or storage tubes

4.Storage system with drawers

5.Storage on rolls of 2,3 or 4 boxes

6.Storage system with tubes or crossbars with or without foam

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