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The company Romanet Foltzer was created in 1972 in PUSIGNAN by Mr. ROMANET Roger, ROMANET Christian and FOLTZER Robert and in 1975 the company was implanted in BEAUVOIR DE MARC on a family plot. From its beginings the company specializes in the manufacture of welding tools and jigs and parts of mechanical welding. The main customer is the company BERLIET where Mr. Foltz began his professional career. The company will thrive until the 90's by diversifying into the manufacture of parts for mechanical lifts and cable transportation. The purchase of a study office in the Paris suburbs in ORGEVAL allows him to enter the large market of automotive contractors, for the manufacture of special machines.

From 1990 to 1994 the company is experiencing difficulties due to the economic recession from that period and this causes a delay in its investments. The first bankruptcy in 1991 followed by sudden loss of a large market subcontracting mechanical welding and a second bankruptcy in 1994 following the sharp crisis of 1993, requires the manager Mr. Foltz to find a buyer.

In May 1995 after presenting a recovery plan at the Commercial Court of Vienna Mr. and Mrs. Perrin, respectively Managing Director and shareholder at CABINES SARRAZIN in Beaurepaire create the company RFCI by taking 15 people. The turnover was at the time of approximately ? 900,000. A major effort is placed on finding new customers and on the modernization of machines as well as the computerization of the society. The design office is equipped with faster hardware and software CAD drawing that quickly allows them to interact with large contractors as CALOR, Matra, Renault VI etc ... Several achievements in special machines and tools are manufactured.

In 1996, Stéphane Perrin joins RFCI and is responsible for developing the commercial sector. The rapid increase in order intake, the efforts made in parallel for the level of quality (quality manual, procedures and obtaining the qualification in welding procedures) give confidence to customers from the mountain field. The turnover starts to grow. Taking control on sub-contracting parts in the market for aerial work platforms will minimize the seasonal effect of the mountain market and grow the turnover at the end of the year.

In late 2001 there were 21 employees for a turnover of ? 1,728,000. In 2002, the company entered a new phase by investing in a machining center with automatic tool change and upgrading again the research department with new hardware and new software CAD: Solidworks.

In late 2002 the company is facing a severe blow losing the parts from the aerial work platforms due to the closure of Matra company, 40% of sales lost in 4 months. The year 2003 is challenging but at the end of the year we have the opportunity to make our first profiling machine with drawers for the group Arcelor Construction on the site of Diemoz. A new machine is manufactured in 2004 and two in 2005 and still having a sustained activity in the mountain fields - cable car transportation.

For the first time in 2006 the company reached the milestone of 2 million euros in sales with a profitable year. Investment in a CNC machine. There are now 24 people and 3 apprentices.

In 2007 a new stage is reached with a turnover that passes the 3 million euros with the delivery of 3 profiling machines for ARCELORMITTAL (in Romania, Slovakia and Brazil). More investments with new machines are made including a big capacity boring.

In 2007 the company also takes the decision to create a subsidiary in Romania, Bucharest - called MASINA ENGINEERING. We are now international working on the low cost markets from the Eastern Europe for the small and medium series.
Nowadays the society RFCI MASINA ENGINEERING has earned its reputation on both the national and international market based on our 35 years of experience in manufacturing special machines, on its continuously developing technology and on its great quality-price value.