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Specialist in outsourcing, mechanical welding, machining, welding jigs, high security welding, engineering

RFCI is a family business since 1974 (see HISTORY) specialist in industrial outsourcing, designing and manufacturing special machines and tools, machining, mechanical welding and engineering.

Present in the Rhone-Alpes region ( France ) for over 35 years and also around the world (Russia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Brasil, etc.) our society designs and manufactures special machines from different industries. Our prices are very attractive because of our new structure in Bucharest, Romania - MASINA ENGINEERING SRL working for 5 years on medium and large mechanical series.

The company is renowned for the quality of its works on the high security parts for person transportation, like mechanical lifts and cable transportation( lines of chairlifts, gondolas, cable cars, body clamps, pendulums) industry tools, welding jigs and assemblies.

With a great experience in the development of means for industrial production, the company offers you a team of technicians and engineers to assist you in optimizing and modernizing your production . The team has known to fit in this high security field, using all the improvements which have been developing during the last years.

The welding procedure has been qualified ISO 15614 ( QMOS ) by a quality system certification body. The welders of RFCI are accredited by external bodies according to the requirements of the norm EN 287-1/ISO-EN9606-1 on the procedures 135,136 et 141... These competences have allowed the company to become the supplier of different international cable car constructors.

Our special machines are delivered at regular intervals to companies manufacturing equipment for civic or mining works. The very tough conditions of use of these equipments prove the reliability of our products.

Specialist in machining, mechanical parts and jigs, prototypes, small and medium series, milling, turning, boring, grinding and mechanical welding, we work together to give birth to your projects. We are at your complete disposal to study and develop your plans meeting the highest demands in terms of accuracy, quality, cost and time delivering you the smart, sustainable solution you need. To meet your needs, the company is provided with up to date technology and means for an optimized modern industrial production in order to reduce the production costs.

Specialized in machining, for small and large dimensions, mechanical welding and the production of mechanical assemblies delivered "turnkey" RFCI MASINA ENGINEERING is renowned for its skills and know-how. Our manufacturing capabilities are modern, and this allows us to act worldwide in the manufacture of different parts of all sizes.

The experience gained from our many years of activity allows us to have total flexibility, to adapt to your accomplishments maintaining the best quality of service and offering you also the best price from the low cost markets in the Eastern Europe.

Since 1960 another family group company - CABINS SARRAZIN SA - is dedicated to the design of cabins and outsourcing in the sheet metal industry, in a spirit of professional services that match the expectations of our clients. These years of experience have enabled us to meet the demands of many industries for which we produce: industrial equipment, equipment from all the forklift park , sound booth, public Safety, industrial bodywork, special armored vehicle ...